About Us


India First is a first in many ways. Launched in the mid-2000s, it is the first English-language newsmagazine of Odisha. While India First continues its focus on national issues, it keeps a weather eye on developments in its state of origin. Having earned its stripes primarily as a print media product for the better part of the past decade, India First has been slowly but steadily stepping into the online world, with the express objective of reaching out to an exponentially growing and increasingly interactive community. However, the magazine’s motto remains unchanged: Report objectively and express opinions fearlessly.




At a time when Odisha was woefully lacking representation in the national media, a prescient and intrepid entrepreneur had the vision to do something about it. He had never been part of the media industry, but he had the business nous, the political awareness and, as they say, "a nose for news" to single-handedly get India First up and running. Ever since then, through thick and thin, Sunjoy has been the torchbearer of Odisha’s first-ever English language newsmagazine.




Siddhartha has more than a dozen years’ worth of experience in journalism. After completing his postgraduation at the University of Queensland in Australia, he has worked with various international newspapers, such as The Miami Herald and South China Morning Post, global management consultancy McKinsey & Company, and state news agencies from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. A crusader of the mot juste, Siddhartha is in charge of the magazine’s editorial quality.